Why VAN?

We like to think of VAN as a fanzine, written for music lovers and professionals by music lovers and professionals. We’re fueled by over 100 writers who blend serious knowledge with a sense of humor, and we aren’t afraid of the weird, wonderful, or provocative.

Oh, and our name comes from van Beethoven.

Development partner Bank Julius Baer

The Bank Julius Baer became a development partner for VAN Magazine in 2019, supporting culture journalism in an international, digital format.

The Bank supports culture journalism in an international, digital format. We are convinced there will be enduring interest, and look forward to seeing the ongoing development of this promising platform.

Supporting art and music has been integral to Bank Julius Baer’s philosophy for decades. An interest in visual art dates back to the early 1930s when the Baer family began its private art collection. As a result, the family maintained an intensive contact with the art scene in Zurich, Paris and New York. In the early 1980s, Bank Julius Baer founded its corporate art collection. The purpose was—and still is— to support artists who, at the time of a first purchase, are not yet firmly established, but clearly show great potential. Nearly two decades later, the Bank has built on its legacy of artistic support by sponsoring concert halls, festivals, and museums.

Today, Julius Baer supports renowned cultural institutions and digital platforms worldwide.


Hartmut Welscher
Founder, Editor-in-Chief
Jeffrey Arlo Brown
Alex Ketzer
Art Director
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Founder, Business Manager
Olivia Giovetti
Editor & Content Strategy
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Marketing & Cooperations
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Marketing & Cooperations