Special Easter Offer: Subscribe Now and Get a Roll of our “Parsifal” Toilet Paper

If there’s one thing we learned from a year of lockdown, it’s that everyone needs toilet paper. That’s why we’ve designed this “Parsifal” roll especially for cultured assholes. It’s three-ply and contains the complete vocal score—at least, as much as we could fit to print—in crisp, readable quality. Starting now, our gift to you with every new 1-Year Subscription.

Here’s what you get with the Special Easter Offer:
  • 1 Roll of “Parsifal” toilet paper
  • …rolled up in a VAN “Parsifal” poster
  • 1 Voucher code for a VAN 1-Year Subscription (Here’s how to redeem your code: You will get a code and a URL via email. Just click on the link, enter your contact details and your reader account is all set and ready to go.)
Price of the Easter Special Offer
  • 1-Year Subscription including shipping within Germany ($39,99 via PayPal)
  • 1-Year Subscription including shipping outside Germany ($44,99 via PayPal)

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The Fine Print:

  • The toilet paper is technically decorative. Use at your own risk of a wound which only the Spear can heal.
  • By purchasing this product you accept our Terms of Use.
  • The Easter subscription does not renew automatically.
  • The toilet paper will be shipped within 72 hours of purchase to your address.
  • The offer is our regular subscription price, including VAT, with the addition of shipping costs.
  • If you don’t receive a confirmation from us with an hour or two, please check your Spam folder.