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Date 04/14/2016

Gustavo 2004

For conductors, it’s the hair, not the clothes, that make the man. Yet Dudamel overcame an early lack of swoosh to win the Gustav Mahler Conducting Competition in 2004…

Gustavo 2016

…and now he hobnobs with comedy greats Stephen Colbert and Steve Martin. Or does he? In these pictures, they look suspiciously like something out of Madame Tussaud’s.

Spektral Quartet


“Russ and Aurelien attempt to get served at the local watering hole. Attempt being the operative word. #notprettyenough” We know the feeling. If only there was a way for string players to get personalized, attentive service while traveling…

Joshua Bell


…like in a private jet, for instance. As for the comment by user mohsen.yavari70, “I love you.very very mach”: that’s either a decent pun or a phenomenal typo.

Twelve-tone Sudoku


Even flying in a private jet can get boring after a while, though. Which is why we recommend a nice puzzle to pass the time. We hereby challenge you to a round of timed, competitive twelve-tone Sudoku, Joshua.

Cameron Carpenter vs. the International Touring Organ


The International Touring Organ packs a ton of computing power. How long will it be before it becomes sentient and takes over concert duties from Cameron Carpenter completely? We imagine a struggle reminiscent of HAL and Dave Bowman in “2001: A Space Odyssey…”

Plácido Domingo vs. the Met Water Cooler


…or of #SimonBoccanegra, a.k.a. Plácido Domingo, in what looks like a martial arts battle with this water cooler.

Fuck Yeah Philippe Jaroussky!


The Fuck Yeah Philippe Jaroussky! blog is the operatic cousin of Fuck Yeah Jacques Chirac. But while the countertenor has an asteroid named after him, the former French president can only claim to have inspired Freedom Fries. Countertenor wins.

Detroit Symphony and Doctor Seuss


When the Detroit String Section went out to play ball,

Could the Brass Section get in the game…? Not at all.

You could only play if you were one of the Strings,

And the brass players’ instruments had all these little dings. ¶