What classical music gets up to on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Date 08/11/2016

Symphony World Cup

The European Soccer Championship, the Olympics, beach-body Instagram, and now BBC Music Magazine’s #SymphonyWorldCup—do we really need more competition this summer? Wherever you come down on that question, you’ll have to admit that in this round Elgar is enjoying a rather significant home court advantage.

Lang Lang at the Olympics

Meanwhile, musical record-breaker Lang Lang is in Rio de Janeiro. User mr_yan_shaw reminds us of yet another competitive sport that’s keeping us occupied this summer with his comment: “MUSIC IS MOST IMPORTANT POKEMON IS FAVOURITE!!!!”

Tanglewood I

At Tanglewood this summer, the Boston Symphony Orchestra advertises Renee Fleming, Yuja Wang, Ken-David Masur, and other Pokémon.

Tanglewood II

Those who believe that the image above is a sign of the permanent decline of Western civilization will be relieved to know that expensive lawn chairs, flowers, and chilled white wine are also still an integral part of the Tanglewood experience.

Kristine Opolais

In other only-possible-in-2016 news, here is a professional photoshoot of the soprano Kristine Opolais taking a selfie. Or is she concentrating on catching a recalcitrant Pikachu?

“The Exterminating Angel” I

Wait a second…you mean Thomas Adès doesn’t write operas to keep us in work….?

“The Exterminating Angel” II

The Exterminating Angel is also ready to strike down irony-free German speakers at the slightest provocation.

Aleksey Igudesman

What’s a risqué apron among friends? According to user alejandrograceararat, a lot. “Whatch out with baphometh worshiper”—a term that refers to idolatry among the Knights Templar in the 14th century—“and their symbolism being peddle at your expense Yuja [extended sic],” he writes. Is this photo the first clue of an all-powerful, Da Vinci Code-style religious conspiracy in the classical music world?

Daniel Barenboim

Frankly, we found user milaplasma’s comment “Ahaha so cute! You are learning to apply making by yourself?” a little condescending. After all, Barenboim conducts a lot of long Wagner operas, and who knows when you might need to take things into your own hands and freshen up. ¶