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Date 07/07/2016

John Adams

“What’s in a name?” If it happens to be that of an American president, a lot. Alongside SEO difficulty, you might have to deal with hefty cases of mistaken identity.

Benjamin Zander

Haters gonna hate. Conductors gonna conduct. That feeling when you’re playing a duo and you know the piece by heart, but you’re still getting a huge cue for your entrance.

Marketing Memes in Opera I

Besides “Game of Thrones,” the comments attest that the Chicago Lyric Opera beats out “Star Wars,” “Hamilton,” and “Beverly Hills 90210” (100x) in terms of drama. But there’s one show not even CLO can beat: “Parking Wars.”

Marketing Memes in Opera II

Keep Calm and Bullfight is clearly a “Carmen” reference, but it takes on a new light after Brexit. Will the UK send a matador to Spain to bullfight for advantageous trade conditions?

Marketing Memes in Opera III

Because it’s not enough to have a real candidate this election year who actually does want to destroy the United States from the inside.

Marketing Memes in Opera IV

The Sydney Opera House knows that in order to really go viral, you are going to need a cute animal. Here, a sheep diva out-sings its jealous understudies.

Blowjobs in Opera

Show, don’t tell, Marc-Anthony Turnage. Don’t say your music is “amazing blowjob music of the spheres”; convince us with your sounds. By the way: has anyone else noticed the increasing prevalence of wry or shocking, social media friendly performance indications in scores these days?


Not even enough space to role over down here.

50 Shades

OK, eight, of Emmanuel Pahud.