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Date 03/16/2016

Nemanja Radulović


It’s that high school band feeling: the audience is super enthusiastic, but outnumbered by the musicians onstage.

Lang Lang Method


How much of this method is unrelenting parental pressure, and how much is learning to do the signature Lang Lang grin? These kids are serious smiling prodigies.

Philadelphia Orchestra


The Philadelphia Orchestra is the first Western orchestra to play Mongolia. A new relationship that’s a lot more exciting than the usual orchestra tour hookups and romantic shenanigans.

Pablo Heras-Casado


Your correspondent got to go to Boston in the winter. A little Bartók and Miami wouldn’t have hurt, though.

JACK Quartet


jackquartet Plus size rehearsal roomsuperboner That’s what he said


Anna Netrebko


Because sometimes in the gritty world of opera, you just need to get dolled up.

Orchestra Confidential I


What would you think of a coworker or boss, if he came up to you late Friday afternoon and said, “Awesome week – let’s do it again!”?

Orchestra Confidential II


A comment on this picture is, “Does she read her sheet music in Japanese or english? Because as an english speaker I prob could play with her if notes are not in english.” True; but what if the score is in Mongolian?

Orchestra Confidential III


The Colorado Symphony briefly received a flurry of press due to its decision to allow pot smoking at certain select donor events. Now this isn’t officially one of those events, but doesn’t Special Guest “Josh Blue” sound like a particularly potent strain? Elaborating with “Special Guest Comedian” doesn’t really help, either.

Hawaii Symphony Orchestra


It’s Thursday, but join us and the HSO tomorrow in saying: Thank God It’s #flexfriday. Or: Thank God It’s #fitnessfriday. Whatever you prefer.