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Date 05/11/2016


Via Facebook
Via Facebook

Here is Valery Gergiev conducting a concert in a baseball cap. This seems to have become an unfortunate trend lately.

Steinway I


Here is a special edition Steinway Mother’s Day piano. Some advice: if you’re going to buy a Steinway, you should at least get one that you can use all year round…

Steinway II


…and for all different kinds of music. Slow, spacey, new-age works would work well on this piano; maybe not the right instrument for Haydn.


via Facebook
via Facebook

You have to respect a pianist who is established enough to have his own name-brand piano, like Daniel Barenboim. But if Alfred Brendel was stuck on a desert island with only this instrument to play, would he?



Bösendorfer goes the individualized serial number route. Sometimes modesty is the best policy.

Hilary Hahn’s Violin Case


Hilary Hahn’s violin case has its own Instagram account. It also has impeccable selfie technique: see this flattering pose of it being repaired by Hilary Hahn, no selfie stick (selfie bow?) in sight.

Nico Muhly


This is a beautiful desk scene, and it’s hard not to be a little jealous. But user andrewkrycek writes “Shower scene?” and now that he mentions it, there is something slightly erotic about the excellent lighting.

Alarm Will Sound

This poster calls to mind a different kind of shower scene: the famous one from “Psycho.” Alarm Will Sound captures the horror inherent in both an impending stabbing and a concert full of modernist music here.

Ensemble Dal Niente


Ensemble Dal Niente says this is a soundcheck. We call it pre-match meditation in preparation for an intense round of beer pong. The red Solo cups and Rometilli piece on the board are dead giveaways.

Pianists with Kittens


And here is a Tumblr dedicated to pictures of pianists with kittens. Also one pianist with a crocodile playing an accordion.