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Date 10/13/2016


You know how when you walk into a coffee shop these days everyone is hunched over his laptop and no one looks up? Societal change has reached the harpsichord.

Alp Horn

Horn envy: it’s a thing.

Piano Hero

Meet us down at the arcade and we’ll kick your ass in some Piano Hero. Just don’t forget your quarters.

Trampoline Cellos

– OMG 😱😱😱 What happened to the poor cello? 😱🙈😁

– Not sure, but I’d be more worried for the trampoline!!

– Both were just fine!!

– It’s sad that I didn’t think of the person holding the cello 😅😅

Good save there at the end.


Nothing gets between me, my Calvins, and my vocal score to ‘Il Barbiere de Siviglia’ ”!


The combination of screen grabs from Grindr and the aria “Un bel dì, vedremo” from “Madame Butterfly” is surprisingly effective.

New York Polyphony

Dear Librettists, take note: this is what slang sounds like when it’s sung.

Vanessa Benelli Mosell

It’s brain-hurtingly hard to imagine what Karlheinz would have thought of the hashtag #TheStockhausenGirl. ¶