Free Favorites from the Archives: Part II

Title Image PHOEBE DILL (CC) · Date 09/01/2016

And here’s part two of our Late Summer Special: five more picks from the last nine months, free and outside the paywall. Enjoy!

All That Matters Is How Good It Sounds

The Venezuelan orchestral training program El Sistema is praised around the world for its musical quality and perceived commitment to social justice. But when Lawrence Scripp talked to violinist and former participant Luigi Mazzocchi, he described something very different: a world of long hours, intense pressure, and extreme deference to authority.

Listening, Not Hearing

In the course of her long career, the composer Pauline Oliveros has advocated for a new relationship between audience and sound: Deep Listening. William Dougherty spoke with her about the music of her childhood, spirituality, and American politics in 2016.  

Chains Are My Reward

When individuals are faced with the crushing power of the state, sometimes the only possible response is to make a beautiful ruckus. A playlist by Alison Kinney, of government violence and resistance in opera.

Chalk Spaceships

When Elena Cheah won a spot as principal cello of an opera orchestra, she was surprised to find out that many of her colleagues played without real passion. So she went looking for her musical roots—and found them, in childhood memories and improvisation with her brother.

Chorus and Orchestra of Generals

Jeffrey Arlo Brown watched over eight hours of North Korean opera supposedly written by late Dear Leader Kim Jong-il. But did he really write the operas? And: are they any good?