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Title Image Garett Mizunaka · Date 07/19/2018

Hearing Queerly

The way we talk about music and music history is littered with sexism. Rebecca Lentjes makes the case for a queerer, wonkier, fairer language in discussions of artistic influence and the nature of sound.

I Did That

Ben Johnston is probably America’s most important living composer of microtonal music. He is also battling late-stage Parkinson’s. William Dougherty speaks to him about his legacy, his engagement with pop music, and being frenemies with Milton Babbitt.

A Trans Composers Playlist

“Trans people are used to seeing ourselves refracted through the eyes of cis artists.” Alex Temple on the nuanced approaches to the world of the trans aesthetic in new music, and who you should be listening to.

The Art of Somebody Else

Donald Runnicles might be considered the anti-maestro: in the hierarchical world of the opera house, he sees himself as just one member of a large team. Ben Miller speaks to him in Berlin, and soon notices that he is being conducted.

Death and the Theater

The Polish Law and Justice Party is in the news again for pressuring the country’s independent judiciary. In the fall and winter, Jeff Brown and Zack Ferriday spent several days on the road in Poland reporting on how the arts are holding up against a newly religious, pseudo-authoritarian regime.