VAN: an independent online classical music magazine.

VAN Magazine’s wide-ranging articles cover contemporary, classical, and early music. They often feature sound, images, and video.

VAN speaks to an international audience with a special focus on classical music in the U.S.

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Why VAN?

We like to think of VAN as a fanzine. It’s for music lovers, music professionals and followers of the arts. It’s a classical music magazine with serious knowledge and a sense of humor. We’re interested in the bizarre and the taboo, in conflict, strong personalities and radical points of view.

Oh, and the name: it comes from van Beethoven.


Hartmut Welscher
Founder, Editor-in-Chief
Jeffrey Arlo Brown
Alex Ketzer
Art Director
Ingmar Bornholz
Founder, Business Manager
Olivia Giovetti
Content Strategy
Dr. Ute Welscher
Marketing & Cooperations
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Marketing & Cooperations