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In case you missed it

• 27.04.2017

Yair Klartag wants to live peacefully with doubt.

• 03.11.2016

The composer and songwriter Gabriel Kahane is staying candid.

• 13.07.2017

Discover the sounds of issue #64.

• 04.02.2016

The composer Georg Friedrich Haas starts living his sexuality.

• 18.01.2016

A student remembers Lilian Kallir and her unusual illness.

, • 30.03.2017

When the concert stage becomes a trigger for trauma, and what to do about it.


Video of the Week

Tatar Music

“With my Russian, or rather Tatar background, I feel like I’m strongly attracted to darkness,” the violinist Alina Ibragimova told us in this week’s issue. That made us curious. This video of Tatar music portrays a kind of energetic depth. Also, for the classical concertgoer, there’s something fascinating about the combination of high-level virtuosity and the performers’ indifferent facial expressions.


Audio of the Week

Georgian Prisoners’ Songs

Listening to Tatar music at the office got us talking about Georgian polyphony. From there, we were only a short Soundcloud search away from these gorgeous Georgian Prisoners’ Songs, recorded from 1916–1918.

Editor’s picks

• 23.06.2016

Dispatches from the Ojai Music Festival and Jordan Hall.

• 30.03.2017

What British musicians listened to as their country triggered Article 50.

• 15.06.2017

An interview with the pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet.

• 05.01.2017

The composer Jennifer Walshe’s overwhelming worlds.




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25.09.2017 • 03:00

Dear concert presenters, don't ask Alina Ibragimova for an "alternative" to Bartók: https://t.co/5lwZwrHEq2

21.09.2017 • 04:30

RT @alexrossmusic:"I didn’t want Leon Klinghoffer to be a martyr, I wanted him to be a mensch." @AliceGoodman17 talks to @vanmusicmag: https://t.co/4JC58V6XmC

21.09.2017 • 03:46

RT @AbstractTruth:I wrote about Roland Kayn & his 14 hour work A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound on @frozenreeds for @vanmusicmag https://t.co/BNXcBDmmRZ




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