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In case you missed it

, • 16.01.2020

Classical musicians in a culture war.

• 07.06.2018

In issue #108, music of destruction and survival.

, • 08.10.2017

New classical music memes are actually funny.

• 10.08.2018

Opera and politics.

, • 11.05.2017

Where did classical music’s most famous label go wrong?

, , , • 09.01.2020

How repetiteurs run the opera while remaining out of sight.



Editor’s picks

• 06.07.2017

No two experiences of music are the same.

• 08.10.2017

Mulling over what we’ve heard.

• 06.07.2017

Mark Andre’s disappearing sounds.

• 03.11.2016

The music of the people who tried, and failed, to achieve America’s highest office.


Audio of the Week

Enter the world of Krzysztof Penderecki

Although we are still in mourning for Krzysztof Penderecki, the output of Poland’s greatest composer other than Chopin has not for a moment ceased to resonate with music makers, and theater and film artists alike. On the anniversary of the maestro’s birthday, which falls on November 23, we will unveil three new pieces by Polish composers, written as tributes to Krzysztof Penderecki.

 Parker Ramsay – Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: Variation 1 (Arr. for Harp)


Video of the Week

Close Quarters: "Border Crossings, Part 2" — Season 1, Episode 2 — Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

presented by   

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s new original series — “Close Quarters” — continues to rewrite the rules. “Border Crossings, Part Two”, the second episode in the new series, is a surreal, channel changing blitz of classical music performances set to images and art created in a first-of-its-kind digital studio at Wilhardt + Naud. Music Director Jaime Martín and Creative Director James Darrah have created a genuinely exciting digital music series that celebrates collaboration in an age of isolation.

An interview with Brian Ferneyhough.

Kampela on Ferneyhough’s “La terre est un homme” and other strange, beautiful music.

“When you follow Ferneyhough, well, you are going to be alone with your music.”

British musicians, including the composer Charlotte Bray, reckon with the triggering of Article 50.




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"Well, I think it’s nice that Jonas Kaufmann has united us in the Christmas spirit of slaughtering moose and reinde… https://t.co/FuHrz2wOIV

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Stream of the Day

International Telekom Beethoven Competition
Orchestra final

The 8th International Telekom Beethoven Competition will conclude with the orchestra finale at the Telekom Forum Bonn. Together with the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, the three finalists will interpret one of Beethoven’s piano concertos under the direction of General Music Director Dirk Kaftan. Which piano concertos will be heard, however, will be decided shortly before the finale: all participating pianists will prepare two piano concertos. But which work is interpreted by which finalist is decided by lot…

The Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn, for young pianists, pursues two central objectives: It is primarily dedicated to promoting young talent and contributes to keeping Ludwig van Beethoven’s great legacy alive and active in his hometown of Bonn.