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In case you missed it

• 10.11.2016

The conductor Elena Schwarz is developing her intuition.

• 30.11.2017

Seeing the sound of music.

• 11.01.2018

How classical music’s lack of diversity attracts the far-right.

• 29.06.2017

Read our coverage of divas, drama queens, and the human voice.

• 03.08.2017

A haunting new “Meistersinger” at Bayreuth.

• 07.07.2016

Hold music and dance music with the choreographer Mark Morris.


Video of the Week

Glenn Branca

Glenna Branca passed away on May 13, at age 69. Here Cage talks about him: “Last night I didn’t really enjoy the Branca piece. It wasn’t because it was so loud. But I felt negatively about what I felt to be the political implications….The Branca is an example of one person wanting to be followed by the others….I have a different attitude toward life than he is expressing. But we can both live.”


Audio of the Week

Perfect Pitch

You can’t really learn perfect pitch. But editor Jeffrey Arlo Brown got sold on the idea by a tacky website anyway. In Episode 4, he asks why classical music idealizes the “internal ear,” and struggles through exercises of increasing difficulty.  (The series begins here.)

Editor’s picks

• 11.01.2018

The music and sexuality issue.

• 15.09.2016

The mixes of the electroacoustic composer Carl Stone.

• 17.08.2017

Music of intricate construction and gut-punch intensity.

• 15.12.2016

Music on the border to the Gaza Strip.


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vanmusicmag @vanmusicmag

22.05.2018 • 02:03

.@moderncomp interviews Niels Rønsholdt on reality, breath, and the dangers of commissions: https://t.co/QSgKvzoSuy

21.05.2018 • 04:32

RT @inticomposes:Super honored to be included on this playlist! The dialogue with Alex Temple both around her research and my own m… https://t.co/75RM7ASQf9

19.05.2018 • 09:07

No shade to Meghan Markle, but King Ludwig II is more our kind of queen: https://t.co/0fTHcnKGsB

18.05.2018 • 03:57

The success of Jörg Widmann amounts to a kind of collective delusion: https://t.co/cqJ9rUkM3w

17.05.2018 • 06:12

RT @ManojKamps:“Trans people are used to seeing themselves refracted through the eyes of cis artists. Sometimes it’s done very wel… https://t.co/lYgPlkDQIx




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