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In case you missed it

• 15.06.2017

What classical music gets up to on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

• 13.07.2017

The enigmatic composer’s obsessions and influences.

• 24.11.2016

The composer Kaija Saariaho prepares for the Metropolitan Opera’s historic production of “L’Amour de Loin.”

• 01.06.2017

Yarn/Wire’s “Currents” series comes full circle.

• 18.01.2016

The soprano explores her character Ophelia, in Hans Abrahamsen’s “let me tell you,” through song.

• 20.07.2017

It may be old, but it definitely isn’t boring.


Video of the Week

A Libretto by Wolfgang Hildesheimer

In issue #83, Volker Hagedorn revisits the work of writer and Mozart biographer Wolfgang Hildesheimer. Perhaps Hildesheimer’s unique understanding of music was informed by his hands-on work with it; he wrote the libretto for this opera “Das Ende einer Welt” (“The End of a World”) by Hans Werner Henze, who also narrates the words in the performance.


Audio of the Week

More of the Same

If you think Zack Ferriday’s experience of listening to a single movement of Mozart for three and a half hours was a fluke, try this: two hours of just “Gymnopédie No. 1” repeated over and over.

Editor’s picks

• 08.12.2016

The conductor John Eliot Gardiner’s Monteverdi.

• 12.01.2017

A profile of George Crumb at 87.

• 03.08.2017

In music new, radical, and fraught.

• 19.01.2017

A new exhibition on the life of Richard Wagner’s decidedly gay, ambivalently Nazi son.




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11.12.2017 • 09:57

You know all those "classical music for studying" videos on YouTube? We tried to actually study with them. It...did… https://t.co/VRjm07tj1F

10.12.2017 • 11:37

RT @devilstrillblog:This is very good, and the story it tells about the persistent and dangerous notion that cultural achievement is pr… https://t.co/v5tmuG61Gp

08.12.2017 • 07:52

RT @petrarchian:There’s a lot of noise about Levine around. Here’s some clarity. https://t.co/e6r0f9BVz0

08.12.2017 • 02:09

RT @terryteachout:This is an enormously important piece about the James Levine scandal. I urge you to read it. https://t.co/QIMfry7FTd

08.12.2017 • 08:35

RT @JoshuaKosman:"It is past time to kill that narrative dead." @benwritesthings waxes eloquent on Levine & the cult of interpretive… https://t.co/OTiJo4sRDR




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