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A guide to livestream concerts during the coronavirus outbreak.

Here’s our preliminary list of freely available performances that can be heard (and seen) online, including live concerts to virtual audiences and shows from institutional archives. We’ll keep adding to this list, and we invite institutions and fans to send us new links as they come in.

In case you missed it

• 28.09.2017

How Shostakovich changed the improviser Liz Durette.

, • 06.10.2016

What’s behind the obsession with children who compose?

• 26.01.2017

King Ludwig II’s Wagnerian castle and a lineage of obsession.

• 10.08.2018

all that dust wants to give artists a better deal.

, • 24.07.2019

Being a first-generation classical musician.

• 03.11.2016

The music of the people who tried, and failed, to achieve America’s highest office.




Video of the Week

Jojo Mayer & JACK Quartet

Commissioned by the Lucerne Festival 2019, Don Li’s composition is based on a quote made by Jojo Mayer in a YouTube-interview: The drummer talks about the relationship between repetition and groove and how their effect induces a different state of mind (»different zones«). Rhythmical speech pattern and melody of his quote form the basic template of the one hour-long composition. Instead of exploring extravagant playing techniques for string quartet, Don Li focusses on block chords: Dark, perpetual and driven by hypnotic odd meters, they open the gateway to the »different zones«. This visually striking synopsis of the work offers a glimpse at this extraordinary collaboration.


Audio of the Week

“Losing Touch,” by Edmund Campion

“Losing Touch,” by the American composer Edmund Campion, a student of Gérard Grisey, has something of his mentor’s pristine microtonal rigor, combined with the West Coast influences of Harry Partch. Performed on vibraphone here by Fernando Rocha.

Editor’s picks

, • 04.04.2019

Opera owes its heritage to the Middle East. Why do we silence this legacy?

• 07.12.2017

In issue #83, calls to treat artists as human beings.

• 07.06.2018

The composer is the boss.

• 24.05.2018

Morton Subotnick wants to stay insulated.

An interview with Brian Ferneyhough.

Kampela on Ferneyhough’s “La terre est un homme” and other strange, beautiful music.

“When you follow Ferneyhough, well, you are going to be alone with your music.”

British musicians, including the composer Charlotte Bray, reckon with the triggering of Article 50.


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Stream of the Day

International Telekom Beethoven Competition
Orchestra final

The 8th International Telekom Beethoven Competition will conclude with the orchestra finale at the Telekom Forum Bonn. Together with the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, the three finalists will interpret one of Beethoven’s piano concertos under the direction of General Music Director Dirk Kaftan. Which piano concertos will be heard, however, will be decided shortly before the finale: all participating pianists will prepare two piano concertos. But which work is interpreted by which finalist is decided by lot…

The Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn, for young pianists, pursues two central objectives: It is primarily dedicated to promoting young talent and contributes to keeping Ludwig van Beethoven’s great legacy alive and active in his hometown of Bonn.