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In case you missed it

• 07.07.2016

Hold music and dance music with the choreographer Mark Morris.

• 23.11.2017

Jessica Ekomane believes in mistakes.

• 22.09.2016

An interview with the composer Jüri Reinvere, on a musical life in the orbit of Ingmar Bergman and Käbi Laretei.

• 19.04.2018

Composers who don’t feel jealous of Kendrick Lamar.

• 07.12.2017

In issue #83, calls to treat artists as human beings.

• 31.03.2016

Two graphic designers on new classical album covers.


Video of the Week

Cage/Boulez Fanfic

We love classical music fan fiction, and wish there was more of it out there. Here’s an exemplary video interpretation of John Cage’s extended correspondence with Pierre Boulez, where they marveled at the similarities in their compositional techniques. Also featuring mushrooms (Cage), a baguette (Boulez), penises (both), and dildos (?).


Audio of the Week

Perfect Pitch

You can’t really learn perfect pitch. But editor Jeffrey Arlo Brown got sold on the idea by a tacky website anyway. In Episode 4, he asks why classical music idealizes the “internal ear,” and struggles through exercises of increasing difficulty.  (The series begins here.)

Editor’s picks

• 09.11.2017

How three artists do it, in issue #79.

• 19.04.2018

The eclectic influences on classical music, in issue #101.

• 18.08.2016

A new release of a pivotal Julius Eastman work.

• 27.07.2017

Annea Lockwood’s sonic geographies.




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24.05.2018 • 03:41

RT @benwritesthings:The Met/Levine lawsuits reveal that the Met is a metonym for everything that’s wrong with classical music. For… https://t.co/mISitYuCXF

24.05.2018 • 02:42

The latest Levine court documents reveal that the @MetOpera is trapped by its own hypocrisy. By @benwritesthings: https://t.co/TV8HdUht44

22.05.2018 • 02:03

.@moderncomp interviews Niels Rønsholdt on reality, breath, and the dangers of commissions: https://t.co/QSgKvzoSuy

21.05.2018 • 04:32

RT @inticomposes:Super honored to be included on this playlist! The dialogue with Alex Temple both around her research and my own m… https://t.co/75RM7ASQf9

19.05.2018 • 09:07

No shade to Meghan Markle, but King Ludwig II is more our kind of queen: https://t.co/0fTHcnKGsB




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