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In case you missed it

• 09.11.2017

How three artists do it, in issue #79.

• 27.04.2017

A playlist by Sung Jin Hong, artistic director of the One World Symphony.

• 14.04.2016

The composers who matter to Ilan Volkov.

• 25.05.2017

Improvisations by Rhymes With Opera.

• 12.05.2016

The violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja is fed up.

• 11.01.2018

Three calls to action, in issue #87.


Video of the Week

“Poème Symphonique”

Classical music is a little too into round numbers. It often seems that endless birth-year, death-year, on-this-day celebrations preclude proper, considered programming. But despite our cynicism, we are still pretty proud of making it to issue #101. Here’s György Ligeti’s “Poème Symphonique” for 100 metronomes, for some slightly off-kilter symbolism. 


Audio of the Week

Perfect Pitch

You can’t really learn perfect pitch. But editor Jeffrey Arlo Brown got sold on the idea by a tacky website anyway. Listen to him trying, and investigating that tacky website, in episode 2 of our series Tonefoil Hat. Or, get started here.

Editor’s picks

• 30.03.2017

What gets lost when orchestras share their conductors.

• 17.03.2016

A new staging of George Benjamin’s opera “Written On Skin.”

• 30.03.2017

The composer on clashes, frictions, and utopian mixtures.

• 31.03.2016

A new production of “Lucia di Lammermoor,” by Heartbeat Opera.




vanmusicmag @vanmusicmag

19.04.2018 • 02:23

Microtonal legend Ben Johnston talks to us about accompanying dance, his prickly friendship with Milton Babbitt, an… https://t.co/Qt3557Qg5q

18.04.2018 • 04:30

An interview with Robin Ticciati on the dark side of Carlos Kleiber and the Mount Everest for conductors: https://t.co/pZNo4j8edD

17.04.2018 • 03:54

Can @glendasplenda learn perfect pitch? Who is the man charging him $130 to try? More strange exercises and a clue… https://t.co/sgUVibk6yL

17.04.2018 • 02:37

Classical music is just one genre among many. There is no reason for it to be treated as inherently superior to anything else ❤️

16.04.2018 • 02:10

RT @emily_doolittle:A nice interview with Betsy Jolas: "My advice, however, is that a true artist should never have the feeling of havi… https://t.co/SnzOza7c1x




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