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In case you missed it

, • 30.03.2017

Olivier Latry and Iveta Apkalna discuss the pleasures and perils of the organ.

, , • 07.06.2018

Censorship, political correctness, and the legacy of “America’s Troubadour.”

• 16.07.2020

A century apart, symmetrical cases of sexual harassment in opera.

• 10.08.2017

New initiatives and resistance to them, in issue #68.

• 26.07.2018

Transcendence and frustration, at the Aix-en-Provence Festival.

• 22.05.2019

Alan Gilbert starts fresh.




Video of the Week

Raymond Aliputera – RIMBA (for String Orchestra)

This is a newly premiered piece by the self-taught composer, Raymond Aliputera. The work is titled RIMBA which is an Indonesian word for the forest. This short but intense piece tries to capture the current unsettling situations that the world’s facing. Nonetheless, the overall tone is hopeful – sending a message that however tough the challenge may be, humanity will always prevail.


Audio of the Week

Parker Ramsay plays Bach’s Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: Variation 1

Recorded in the unique acoustic of King’s College Chapel in Cambridge, England, this harp transcription of the Goldberg Variations is performed by outstanding young American musician Parker Ramsay. It was created by Parker in part to make a statement about the harp: “I wanted to show the world that the harp is an instrument of beauty, sincerity and transcendence, standing alongside the keyboards and string instruments as a worthy vehicle for the music of J S Bach.”
Available 18 September 2020.

 Parker Ramsay – Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: Variation 1 (Arr. for Harp)

Editor’s picks

• 08.09.2016

On the Multi-Story Orchestra, an ensemble based in a car park.

• 16.08.2018

Music as a cause and cure.

, , • 20.07.2017

When a conservatory professor fell in love with his student, it tore a class apart.

, , • 12.04.2018

Why we still need dedicated classical music spaces.

An interview with Brian Ferneyhough.

Kampela on Ferneyhough’s “La terre est un homme” and other strange, beautiful music.

“When you follow Ferneyhough, well, you are going to be alone with your music.”

British musicians, including the composer Charlotte Bray, reckon with the triggering of Article 50.


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Stream of the Day

International Telekom Beethoven Competition
Orchestra final

The 8th International Telekom Beethoven Competition will conclude with the orchestra finale at the Telekom Forum Bonn. Together with the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, the three finalists will interpret one of Beethoven’s piano concertos under the direction of General Music Director Dirk Kaftan. Which piano concertos will be heard, however, will be decided shortly before the finale: all participating pianists will prepare two piano concertos. But which work is interpreted by which finalist is decided by lot…

The Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn, for young pianists, pursues two central objectives: It is primarily dedicated to promoting young talent and contributes to keeping Ludwig van Beethoven’s great legacy alive and active in his hometown of Bonn.