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In case you missed it

• 20.07.2017

When a conservatory professor fell in love with his student, it tore a class apart.

• 16.11.2017

An invitation to stop programming all-male concerts.

• 02.11.2017

Are musicians becoming increasingly hostile towards the media?

• 14.09.2017

Song, rap, speech and sexuality.

• 07.07.2016

Pierre-Laurent Aimard after the Aldeburgh Festival.

• 13.10.2016

The conductor on intimate, intertwined threads of Finnish music.


Video of the Week

The Trials of a Page Turner

Sweaty palms, where were your…youve lost your way in the score…whys the music stopped? Yuja Wang gives a nod—a devastating concert hall pollice verso. You curse yourself and turn the page. But again! Her left hand whips at your own. Too slow! Yuja Wang has taken it upon herself to finish the job. You want to stare down at your feet, you pray for a big hole in the ground to open and swallow you up. But no, the piece isn’t yet finished, and you must sit there, next to this virtuoso, while she makes it clear that not only can she play piano really well, but that she has enough attention to spare to subtly turn to you, in front of thousands of people, and let you know with her eyes what you already know inside. You. Are. Dead.


Audio of the Week

Happy Birthday, Brian Ferneyhough!

Time to celebrate with his “Bone Alphabet,” a piece as apocalyptical as Helmut Lachenmann’s world view.

Editor’s picks

• 11.01.2018

The up-and-coming alto Wiebke Lehmkuhl.

• 14.09.2017

And how they translate to timbre, in issue #71.

• 08.10.2017

New classical music memes are actually funny.

• 29.06.2017

Correcting misogynist interpretations of Élaine Radigue’s “Biogenesis.”


Tfw you go deep with Helmut Lachenmann about his "Marche fatale": ... See MoreSee Less

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