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In case you missed it

• 14.12.2017

William Christie has questions for himself.

• 15.12.2016

Music on the border to the Gaza Strip.

• 20.04.2017

How did the repertoire become so narrow?

• 18.01.2016

A student remembers Lilian Kallir and her unusual illness.

• 22.02.2018

Craig Urquhart remembers his life with the conductor and composer.

• 01.06.2017

How Berlin and techno saved Joshua Fineberg.


Video of the Week

The 440 Hz Conspiracy

The musical equivalent of InfoWars, the shocking thing about 432 Hz conspiracies is not really that they exist, but the pure reach and popularity they appear to have with people. This video, which blames a Nazi conspiracy for the establishment of A = 440 Hz, has half a million views of YouTube and 12,000 likes, compared with only 500 dislikes. “Absolute Truth Revealed,” one commenter writes. And yet, 440 hasn’t even really been the standard A for years now—a widely available fact that proves the whole conspiracy unnecessary.


Audio of the Week

Perfect Pitch

You can’t really learn perfect pitch. But editor Jeffrey Arlo Brown got sold on the idea by a tacky website anyway. The big surprise in Episode 3 is that it might actually be working. (The series begins here.)

Editor’s picks

• 04.08.2016

Hartmut Haenchen jumps in at Bayreuth.

• 23.11.2017

Jessica Ekomane believes in mistakes.

• 28.04.2016

Conversations with Polish music engravers.

• 19.01.2017

A new exhibition on the life of Richard Wagner’s decidedly gay, ambivalently Nazi son.




vanmusicmag @vanmusicmag

26.04.2018 • 03:38

On the sketchy money funding @AnnaNetrebko, @ValeryGergiev, and others in Russia's classical music scene: https://t.co/V6nvedxs8n

26.04.2018 • 01:12

By our count, excluding external events, there is one (1) work by a woman composer (@annathorvalds) and zero (0) wo… https://t.co/fgSAAarygl

24.04.2018 • 02:00

Classical music activism often bears the hallmarks of Western military interventions: lazy blind faith and a one-si… https://t.co/Zjgc66jo3u

20.04.2018 • 01:54

A satirical game show by Philip Venables features "anti-drag," stuffed kittens, hot guys, and genderfluid unicorns: https://t.co/igzdPchqHU




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