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In case you missed it

• 29.06.2017

Read our coverage of divas, drama queens, and the human voice.

• 10.05.2018

Margarete Joswig, Barrie Kosky, George Crumb.

• 31.05.2018

Mark Barden wants to reach you on first listen.

• 30.03.2017

Tim Rutherford-Johnson discusses his new book “Music After the Fall.”

• 17.03.2016

What classical music gets up to on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

• 18.01.2016

Is El Sistema really a revolution in music education?




Video of the Week

Russian Musicians Getting Honors

Feeling cynical about Russia after “The Death of Stalin”? This video only lasts a minute and a half, but it might well do its part to make your day feel a little cozier. With so much negativity out there, every once in a while it’s nice to find some wholesome 20th-century virtuosi content online.


Audio of the Week

Andrew Crossley

“breath-image,” from 2017, by the Mexico-raised, London-trained, Berlin-based composer Andrew Crossley, is remarkable for the beautifully hushed refinement of its microtonal timbres. Performed here by Music Ensemble Synaesthesis under Karolis Variakojis.

Editor’s picks

• 24.05.2018

James Levine is suing the Met. No matter what, both parties lose.

• 23.08.2018

What happened to an entire generation of promising composers?

• 05.01.2017

Yuval Sharon takes on opera’s future.

• 14.12.2017

William Christie has questions for himself.

An interview with Brian Ferneyhough.

Kampela on Ferneyhough’s “La terre est un homme” and other strange, beautiful music.

“When you follow Ferneyhough, well, you are going to be alone with your music.”

British musicians, including the composer Charlotte Bray, reckon with the triggering of Article 50.




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