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In case you missed it

• 14.04.2016

What classical music gets up to on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

• 08.10.2017

Mulling over what we’ve heard.

• 08.10.2017

New classical music memes are actually funny.

• 12.01.2017

Songs from a gay Australian childhood and youth.

• 04.08.2016

Science fiction and Morton Feldman’s “Three Voices.”

• 13.04.2017

Music for books, ruined pianos, stone xylophones, and more.


Video of the Week

Lord Kitchener

In her issue #80 interview with William Dougherty, Ione speaks about Lord Kitchener, a colonial figure at the center of her opera with Pauline Oliveros, “The Nubian Word for Flower.” She speaks of the “phantoms” of colonialism; the video of a “show of loyalty” to Kitchener in Khartoum brings those phantoms quite viscerally to life.


Audio of the Week

Elaine Radigue

Rebecca Lentjes was fascinated by Radigue’s music in Oslo. Read more about it here, or simply listen to these otherworldly sounds.

Editor’s picks

• 30.03.2017

Teju Cole’s musical obsessions.

• 08.09.2016

On the Multi-Story Orchestra, an ensemble based in a car park.

• 03.08.2017

A haunting new “Meistersinger” at Bayreuth.

• 13.07.2017

Discover the sounds of issue #64.




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14.11.2017 • 05:30

An interview with Georges Aperghis on sound, philosophy, robots, and skipping lunch: https://t.co/WHM4frUXsY




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