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In case you missed it

• 11.05.2017

Venezuelans respond to Gustavo Dudamel.

• 20.07.2017

An interview with Brian Brandt, the founder of Mode Records, on the future of the music industry.

• 16.06.2016

The present and future of artificial intelligence in composition.

, • 26.01.2017

Alex Temple’s polystylistic exuberance.

• 09.06.2016

Marin Alsop in São Paulo and Baltimore.

• 24.11.2016

Music from the 64th parallel north.


Video of the Week


This week, we question the environmental impact of large-scale touring in classical music. At the same time, the art form has dealt aesthetically with the issue of climate change in works such as Giorgio Battistelli’s opera “CO2.” But how effective can an opera based on “An Inconvenient Truth” be? This excerpt shows moments of textural beauty, but some of the libretto falls flat. A spoken passage goes, “If this is not my planet, whose is it? / If this is not my responsibility, whose is it?”


Audio of the Week

“The Angry Diana”

This lesser-known Schubert song is the subject of one of the more startling passages from Ian Bostridge’s book Schubert’s Winter Journey. It’s “one example in Schubert’s song output of music which does experiment with the idea of fucking, or at least with a more active and thrusting male sexual persona,” Bostridge writes.

Editor’s picks

• 30.03.2017

What music says about the history of colonialism in Brazil.

• 13.07.2017

The enigmatic composer’s obsessions and influences.

• 18.05.2017

The artistic director of a Jewish orchestra discovers a genre’s roots.

• 29.09.2016

Selling the manuscript of Mahler’s Second Symphony.




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17.08.2017 • 08:04

RT @mcmansionhell:@vanmusicmag this is like the off the record version of the article i did with WQXR lmao

17.08.2017 • 06:52

Exploring acoustics and Berlin's concert halls with @mcmansionhell : https://t.co/q4Huj5DrI8

15.08.2017 • 02:54

.@JakeRomm interviews Uri Caine on classical musicians improvising and being told his work is "terrible": https://t.co/HdzUU2lGbI

15.08.2017 • 10:01

RT @Corymbus:An increasingly important question for orchestras: the environmental cost of touring https://t.co/1cF8wSyBZp




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