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In case you missed it

• 27.04.2017

A playlist by Sung Jin Hong, artistic director of the One World Symphony.

• 05.01.2017

The composer Jennifer Walshe’s overwhelming worlds.

• 24.08.2017

Kristian Bezuidenhout wants to program music in its context.

• 21.09.2017

Roland Kayn’s cybernetic compositions.

• 27.07.2017

Classical music that takes a stand.

, • 26.01.2017

Alex Temple’s polystylistic exuberance.


Video of the Week

The Queen Takes Her Seat

Classical music is only available to privileged people, I hear you saying? That may well be true, but if it’s any consolation, even the most privileged people don’t necessarily have access to good classical music. This video for example: the queen takes her seat at the Royal Opera House Gala in 2012, and the fanfare played for her isn’t even close to in tune. We’re talking Brookline High School Band level here, folks.


Audio of the Week

Perfect Pitch

You can’t really learn perfect pitch. But editor Jeffrey Arlo Brown got sold on the idea by a tacky website anyway. In Episode 5, he explores the connection between long-term memory and perfect pitch, and sings some ugly—yet correct—notes. (The series begins here.)

Editor’s picks

• 30.03.2017

What music says about the history of colonialism in Brazil.

• 30.11.2017

Who loved it, who hated it – “Girls of the Golden West.”

• 08.02.2018

Layers of interrelation, in issue #91.

• 08.10.2017

Pierre Audi’s vision for the Park Avenue Armory.




vanmusicmag @vanmusicmag

22.06.2018 • 12:34

RT @zwoolfe:This fascinating piece about Simon Rattle‘s tensions with the Berlin Philharmonic also has this nugget about Jaap… https://t.co/jLIJvm1Zv4

21.06.2018 • 03:54

RT @alexrossmusic:Two excellent @vanmusicmag pieces about Simon Rattle's departure from the Berlin Philharmonic:… https://t.co/ukMBXtQIRh

21.06.2018 • 02:57

RT @glendasplenda:A close listen to the audio from the ICE facility. A testament to state terror https://t.co/o9rdLLglda

21.06.2018 • 02:20

How the Berlin Philharmonic's relationship with Simon Rattle came apart: https://t.co/XMBWbHt7lJ




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