Steven Isserlis

The cellist finds some tactful words for the Brutalist Barbican Centre’s bathrooms.

Millenium Falcon Piano

“Looks like a giant pendrive [sic],” writes one commenter. We agree. Thibaudet is known for his fashion sense, but we doubt his taste in instruments is quite this avant-garde.

#DanielMullerSchott I

No offense, but this got us thinking of the Onion article “2-Hour Meeting Spent Thinking Up Hashtag Absolutely Nobody On Planet Earth Will Ever Use…”

#DanielMullerSchott II

…then again, if he pulls off a Quintuple Tailwhip while keeping the cello intact, we’re willing to bet he could go viral after all.

Vladimir Putin

YouTube video

“Vladimir Putin blames out of tune piano for dodgy recital in China,” reads the headline in the Sun. But we watched the video, and the piano really is very out of tune. We’re not Putin fans, but it’s hard to blame him for this particular conspiracy.

Metropolitan Opera

The venerable Met tries its hand at memes. Not bad for an institution…

Quirky Cadential Memes

…but it doesn’t stand a chance against outstanding new page Quirky Cadential Memes…


…or against established veteran—by the life cycle of the internet—Poor and/or unaesthetic art music memes for placeholder teens. Happy Pride Month! ¶