Date 12/6/2018

To celebrate the 75th birthday of Coventry-born composer Brian Ferneyhough, the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group has invited the pioneering Arditti Quartet to perform his music in the heart of the Midlands. Also featuring Oliver Janes on clarinet and the conductor Emilio Pomarico, a concert on Sunday, December 9 at 4 p.m. will present works by Ferneyhough, Jonathan Harvey, Charlotte Bray and Michael Wolters. Book tickets here.

An interview with Brian Ferneyhough on spontaneity, the light in California, the difficulty of his rhythms, and his Twitter impersonator.

The composer Arthur Kampela on Ferneyhough’s “La terre est un homme” and other strange, beautiful music from his home in Brazil.

“When you follow Ferneyhough, well, you are going to be alone with your music.” The composer Oscar Edelstein on contemporary classical music in Argentina, a childhood with poets, and how artists should talk to right-wing politicians.

British musicians, including the composer Charlotte Bray, on the music they listened to as their country trigged Article 50.