Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional Costa Rica

This campaign is supposed to get us in the mood for Summer Fun, but doesn’t it kind of look like everybody in these pictures is on the verge of drowning?

Karajan I

On International Women’s Day, the Berlin Philharmonic decided to honor…Karajan.

Karajan II

Who, if he was alive today, would apparently be a practitioner of yoga? (Views on dairy and gluten: currently unknown.)

Leopold Mozart

Speaking of putting words into dead people’s mouths on Twitter. At least this one feels accurate.

Wolfgang Mozart

What’s strange about this one is the way Trump’s head seems just as photoshopped in as Mozart’s and Beethoven’s.

Brian Ferneyhough


More like Brian FerneyBRO. We’re not sure what the point of an account with the New Complexity composer’s photo that tweets about weird food combinations is, but we are…all about it dudes!!!!!

Spektral Quartet

Did you catch it? “Feldman Jamz”?

JACK Quartet

The Spektral Quartet may have won this round in the battle of the hardcore avant-garde string quartet social media accounts, but don’t sleep on the JACKs either. Here, Jay Campbell demonstrates “Bi-tone glisses” while getting his hair curled.

The Rite of Spring

YouTube video

Terrifying. ¶