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An Introduction to Katherine Balch By · Photography © Kate L Photography · Date 10/27/2016 New York-based composer Katherine Balch has an extraordinary number of things going on in her head at any given time. She has recently completed a piece for a multimedia project by Michiko Theurer, inspired by Virginia Woolf’s The Waves, to […]

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Nonfictional Music

An interview with Jennie Gottschalk By · Illustrations Paul K (CC) · Date 10/27/2016 Jennie Gottschalk is a composer and scholar currently residing in Boston. Gottschalk holds degrees from The Boston Conservatory and Northwestern University. Her teachers have included Larry Bell, Yakov Gubanov, Jay Alan Yim, Augusta Read Thomas, and Aaron Cassidy. Gottschalk’s new book […]

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The Erotic-Elegiac

On “Dichterliebe/Divine Bitches” By · Photography © Paula Cort · Date 10/20/2016 On a early fall evening, a packed audience at the Kitchen theater in Chelsea’s art district sat quietly as the visual artist and gallerist Emily Sundblad took the stage. Dressed in a red and black Proenza Schouler gown with suggestive cutouts and a […]

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Purifying Harmonies

An Interview with Sarah Nemtsov By · Photography © Neda Navaee · Date 10/13/2016 On a cold Monday morning, the German composer Sarah Nemtsov met up with me in our Berlin office for an interview. Yesterday, Ricordi Berlin formally announced the three winners of its composition competition RicordiLab: Nemtsov, Shiori Usui, and Steffen Wick. (The […]

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October Bagatelles

What classical music gets up to on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Date 10/13/2016 Harpsichord You know how when you walk into a coffee shop these days everyone is hunched over his laptop and no one looks up? Societal change has reached the harpsichord. Alp Horn Horn envy: it’s a thing. Piano Hero Meet us down […]

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A Hannu Lintu Playlist

Interconnectedness and Nature Title Image Jan Asselijn (circa 1600/1616–1652) [PD] · Date 10/13/2016 Einojuhani Rautavaara “mastered almost every compositional style of the 20th century,” the Finnish conductor Hannu Lintu writes. Perhaps for that reason, he is often grouped with other European mavericks outside the serialist tradition, such as Arvo Pärt and Henryk Górecki. He is […]

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They That Mourn

Experiencing the “Human Requiem” By · Photography © Matthias Heyde · Date 10/13/2016 We took our shoes off in a foyer with wooden floors. In the center of the room was a communal jug of water, in which leaves were floating. Plain white paper lay nearby, so that we could fold it into cups and […]

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The Yellow Suitcases

An Interview with Jüri Reinvere By With · Photography Courtesy of Jüri Reinvere · Date 09/22/2016 When the filmmaker Ingmar Bergman died, on July 30 2007, I was at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. It was a cold day, and strange: we had lost the director Michelangelo Antonioni, too. Some of my fellow […]

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Detail and Plasticity

An Interview with Wolfgang Rihm By · Photography © LUCERNE FESTIVAL / STEFAN DEUBER · Date 09/15/2016 Piyawat Louillarpprasert’s composition “Tremble” unfolded as an almost literal translation of its title. The strings tapped col legno battuto, the woodwinds played rapid hairpin swells, single notes were articulated repeatedly and passed throughout the ensemble. At one point, […]