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Honey in the Throat

On John Cage’s Speaking and Writing By · PHOTOGRAPHY Courtesy of the New York Public Library / C.F. Peters · screenshots via  John Cage Unbound · Date 02/23/2016 “Life here is a John Cage score, dissonance made eloquent.” Bill Hayes, Insomniac City “This text is a mosaic of remarks,” begins the Florent Ghys composition “An […]

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Drama Queens And Fever Dreams

King Ludwig II’s Wagnerian Obsession By · Photography Public Domain (via Pixabay) · Date 01/26/2016 By the time we get to Munich, the cold sopping spring has turned to a sultry summer—in like a lion, out like a lamb shank, meat falling right off the bone. Sunbathers in the Englischer Garten lie sanguine and naked […]