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Deep Listen: Clara Iannotta

Listening to Clara Iannotta’s “dead wasps in the jam-jar (ii)” By · Title Image © Astrid Ackermann · Date 2/8/2018 I’m listening to “dead wasps in the jam-jar (ii),” a string work by Clara Iannotta, and I’m disoriented. Though I play violin in string orchestras, and have for years, I feel like a layperson without […]

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Surveying the Orchestra

Why is the Repertoire So Narrow? By · Date 04/20/2017 Das 10. Kölner Fest für Alte Musik begibt sich unter dem Motto Early Music: Reload auf die Suche nach ungewöhnlichen Konzertformaten und öffnet sich neuen Impulsen. Dazu verwandelt sich das vom zamus veranstaltete Festival in ein Labor des Komponierens, Experimentierens, Improvisierens und Diskutierens über alle […]

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The Age-Old Problem of Aging

Physicality and The Soloist’s Career By · TITLE IMAGE Jeremy Brooks (CC BY-NC 2.0) · Date 02/16/2016 There’s a strange clip after a beautiful performance in “I Am The Violin,” the 2004 documentary about violin virtuoso Ida Haendel. On a simple string crossing in the first movement of the Brahms Concerto, Haendel’s bow bounces uncontrollably. […]