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An Interview with Simon Steen-Andersen By · Photography © Lars Svankjær · Date 3/8/2018 At one point during a recent performance of Simon Steen-Andersen’s Piano Concerto in Berlin, percussion sounds seemed to rise and concentrate near the ceiling of the concert hall, like hot air, and it sounded like the Pierre Boulez Saal might come […]

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A Mike Svoboda Playlist

Brass in Bach and Boulez Title Image © JENS KLETT · Date 1/25/2018 I listen to a lot of music, but mostly live—either while playing myself, coaching chamber music, or in my head while composing. Putting together this playlist was a chance to remember some musical moments of my youth, the “formative years,” that left […]

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The Architecture of Experience

On Success Through Failure at the Ultima Oslo Festival By · Photography Ultimafestivalen 2017 / © Andreas Turau · Date 11/16/2017 Attendees of the Ultima Oslo festival took cover from the rainy September weather at venues that ranged from a railway underpass to a waste water purification plant to a mausoleum in the woods. These […]

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The Main Focus

An Interview with Andrés Andrade By · Title Image Courtesy of Citywide Youth Opera, Inc. · Date 06/22/2017 The classical music educator Andrés Andrade has spent most of his 30-year teaching career thinking about the voices of teenagers. Originally from Tampa, Florida, Andrade currently operates a private voice studio in Manhattan. He has taught at […]

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June 2017 Bagatelles

What classical music gets up to on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Date 06/15/2017 Steven Isserlis The cellist finds some tactful words for the Brutalist Barbican Centre’s bathrooms. Millenium Falcon Piano “Looks like a giant pendrive [sic],” writes one commenter. We agree. Thibaudet is known for his fashion sense, but we doubt his taste in instruments […]

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A Daniel Grossmann Klezmer Playlist

Daniel Grossmann is the conductor and music director of the Jakobsplatz Orchestra in Munich, which focuses on Jewish music. In this playlist, he tells us the brief story of his relationship with the frequently underestimated—particularly in his home country—genre of klezmer. I hate klezmer. Or do I? Right now, it seems to me, Germany is […]

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A French Election Playlist

Music of Confidence, Satire, and Universality Title Image Mortimer62 (CC BY-SA 2.0) · Date 05/11/2017 The tension among French people in Berlin on May 7, when the final runoff between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron took place, was palpable. Musicians in particular were worried: Would visas and work permits soon be real bureaucratic problems […]

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A Sung Jin Hong Playlist

Sung Jin Hong is the artistic director and conductor of the New York ensemble One World Symphony. In this playlist, he explores identity and idealism in music. Here is his introduction to the selection.   “What is it about Mignon that has captivated composers for over two centuries? More than 70 different composers have given voice […]